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Heart valve disease on the rise in Australia, cardiologists warn

Cardiologists are warning Australians that they need to listen to their hearts, as valve disease is on the rise.

Health & Ageing

What you need to know before getting contact lenses

Here are seven important things to take into consideration before you try contact lenses.

Health Checks

Woodfired heaters are to blame for more premature deaths than first thought

Health experts have called for reform as study suggests woodfired heaters may be responsible for more deaths than previously thought.

Health news

Australia's least healthy regions revealed in government report

Statistics reveal the regions with the highest rates of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and chronic kidney problems.


Canine health heroes and their extraordinary stories

From sniffing out cancer, to transforming the lives of people with chronic conditions, dogs really are a force for better health.


Cancer symptoms you should never ignore, according to specialists

The pandemic has brought a delay in cancer screenings and referrals - but it's still vital to get warning signs checked early.

Health Checks

Is fear stopping you seeing a doctor?

Do you have a niggling health problem you’ve not seen a doctor about because you’re frightened of what you might be told? Here’s why you need to tackle your fear head on.

Health & Ageing

Here’s what you should know about this ‘silent thief of sight’

Glaucoma is a common form of eye disease that often runs in families. Optometrist Dr Josie Forte tells what you should know about the condition and the testing.


Five health signs you should not ignore

While a few of these signs and symptoms may be obviously serious, some people just simply wait too long before they address them. So before it’s a little too late, have them checked out.

Men's Health

The top three most feared health checks for men

Are you squeamish about being poked or prodded? There are things you can do to make any invasive test slightly more bearable.

Health Checks

Five best health check websites

To keep yourself in tip-top shape, discover when you should be tested for breast cancer, diabetes, prostate cancer, glaucoma and more.

Health Checks

When should you worry about that mole?

When a mole may indicate a skin cancer it’s important to be able to identify it early. The ABCDE rule can help you to determine whether you should get to a health professional ASAP.

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