Health News

Revolutionary procedure could do away with knee replacements

Research demonstrates that cartilage grafts can help repair damaged knees, eliminating the need for painful and costly knee replacements.

Finance News

Taxing wealth can solve ageing population's health woes

There is no reason why Australia's ageing population should put health budgets under pressure, given the amount of untaxed wealth in the economy.

Health news

Elective surgery backlog unlikely to be resolved any time soon

The latest private health insurance figures show that current lockdowns are only going to make it harder for those awaiting elective surgery.

Health news

The gap in health outcomes for the haves and have-nots is widening

Despite being one of the wealthiest countries in the world, Australia suffers from significant health inequalities.


Most Googled health myths debunked

Here's the truth behind some common health myths we've probably all heard.

Health news

Reading, writing letters and card games can delay dementia

Study shows that keeping your brain active could delay dementia by up to five years.

Health news

Greg Hunt says 90 per cent receive GP services free. Is he correct?

The federal government has come under fire for its decision to make changes to more than 900 items on the MBS.

Health news

How a funnel web spider could save your life

A potentially life-saving treatment for heart attack victims has been discovered from a very unlikely source - the venom of one of the world's deadliest spiders.

Health news

Medibank joins HBF in returning COVID savings to members

Medibank announces it will offer $105 million in premium relief to customers.

Health news

The plan that could make Australia the world's healthiest country

The Australian Medical Association has outlined its vision for Australia to become the world's healthiest country.

Health News

Doctors fear 'chaos' from government's rushed Medicare changes

The Australian Medical Association fears that some of the biggest changes made to Medicare in decades will leave the sector grappling to keep up.

Health Insurance

AMA concerned over health fund proposal but is it running a closed shop?

The Australian Medical Association believes a proposal to authorise a health insurance buying group will put patient choice at risk.

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