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Viagra could be used to treat Alzheimer's disease

Scientists believe popular erectile dysfunction treatment Viagra has shown evidence as a promising drug candidate to help prevent and treat Alzheimer's.

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Stroke may be triggered by anger or emotional upset

A global study into causes of stroke has found that one in 11 survivors experienced a period of anger or upset in the one hour leading up to it.


Common medication linked with increased risk of heart failure

Aspirin use is associated with a 26 per cent raised risk of heart failure in people with at least one predisposing factor for the condition.

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Ancient Aboriginal bush medicine could improve cancer treatment

A plant that is only found in the Australian desert appears to counteract resistance to chemotherapy.

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Scientists develop promising vaccine for recurrent STI infections

This year has highlighted the protection offered by vaccines, and scientists have developed a new jab that may solve a problem that plagues older Australians.

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Scientists find link between bedtime and better heart health

Going to bed between 10 and 11pm is associated with a lower risk of developing heart disease.


Calls for prescription meds to be sold at supermarkets

The Australian Medical Association wants to change the way Australians access their medications.


How to improve accessible parking in Australia

Those who require disabled parking spaces don't see them as a luxury, but a crucial part of maintaining dignity and independence when going about their lives.

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Public hospitals in cycle of crisis, AMA warns

A report from the Australian Medical Association explains that the funding formula for hospitals fails to arrest the steady decline of hospital performance.


Daily aspirin use may do more harm than good, say experts

Health experts are calling for an urgent rethink of prescribing aspirin for daily use, fearing it could put healthy adults at risk of serious complications.

Pain Management

Study finds psychological therapy can treat back pain

Scientists successfully use pain reprocessing therapy to significantly reduce pain intensity.

Brain health

Australian research identifies likely cause of Alzheimer's

Ground-breaking discovery offers potential prevention and treatment opportunities.

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