Health news

The plan that could make Australia the world’s healthiest country

The Australian Medical Association has outlined its vision for Australia to become the world's healthiest country.

Health News

Doctors fear ‘chaos’ from government’s rushed Medicare changes

The Australian Medical Association fears that some of the biggest changes made to Medicare in decades will leave the sector grappling to keep up.

Health Insurance

AMA concerned over health fund proposal but is it running a closed shop?

The Australian Medical Association believes a proposal to authorise a health insurance buying group will put patient choice at risk.

Health news

Obsessive compulsive disorder linked to increased stroke risk

Adults with obsessive-compulsive disorder are more than three times as likely as those without the disorder to have a stroke later in life.

Brain health

Simple blood and memory test to diagnose Alzheimer’s

An easy way to detect Alzheimer's before symptoms develop is critical for early treatment and Swedish researchers think they might have found a way to do it.

Brain health

The age you gain weight plays a role in Alzheimer’s risk

If you have put on weight during the pandemic and are worried about an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's disease, you may not need to worry.

Brain health

Loss of pleasure and happiness linked to dementia

Those living with a type of dementia that affects younger people can't feel as happy as they did before developing the disease because the pleasure system in their brain has deteriorated, new research suggests.


How to boost your gut health and immune system this winter

The gut microbiome is closely linked to immune function - so how can you keep it in tip top shape? Liz Connor seeks some expert tips.

Health news

Science finds cocoa could protect the heart when stressed

Researchers discover that blood vessels are able to function better during mental stress when people are given a cocoa drink.

Health news

Data shows Aussies ‘alarmingly complacent’ about exercise

In a Heart Foundation survey of more than 7000 Australian adults, two in three said they knew that exercise could lower their risk of heart disease, but few met the physical activity guidelines.

Health news

Dining out associated with increased risk of early death

Having spent much of the past 12 months eating home cooked meals may have added years to your life, according to the latest research.

Health news

Buy now, pay later hospital procedures coming soon

Hospital procedures are becoming increasingly expensive, so it was only a matter of time before buy now, pay later platforms entered the market.

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