Health news

Pre-diabetes diagnosis less useful in older adults

Study finds that older adults deemed 'pre-diabetic' seldom progress to full diabetes.

Health news

Parasites could play a role in preventing ageing and living longer

Parasitic worms could hold the key to living longer and free of chronic disease.

Health news

Hypertension symptoms in women often mistaken for menopause

Pregnancy complications and early menopause increase women's risk of heart disease.

Health news

Science uncovers foods that fight ageing and improve brain health

Super foods chia seeds and curcumin offer incredible health benefits to older adults, according to some new research.

Health news

How age influences gender-related outcomes after heart attack

Sex and age play a large part in who experiences a heart attack, the methods used to treat these heart attacks, and the eventual post-hospital outcomes of the people who experience heart attacks.


Aussies want Morrison to refute health misinformation

Three-quarters of Aussies want the prime minister to rebuke Liberal backbencher Craig Kelly for spreading misinformation about COVID-19 during the pandemic.

Brain health

Inflammatory bowel disease may be linked to increased risk of dementia

New research finds that people with inflammatory bowel disease have double the risk of developing dementia.

Losing Weight

What is the 16/8 diet and does it actually work?

Intermittent fasting can aid in weight loss and is believed to improve blood sugar control, boost brain function and enhance longevity. Here's our verdict on the 16/8 diet.

Health news

Why experts say we will need to live with smoke-filled air

As fires ravaged large sections of the Australian bush last summer, cities and towns all along the coast were blanketed in toxic smoke. Air pollutants were measured at unheard of levels across the country.


Seven ways exercise is good for your immune system

Need an extra dose of motivation to work out? Lisa Salmon finds out how exercise can benefit the immune system.

Finance News

Proposal to give patients more say in what they pay their GPs

Four in 10 Australians believe that patients should be able to determine how much they pay for a GP visit.


How your chocolate habit may be boosting your health

From fighting disease to boosting your mood, here are five ways chocolate may be healthier than you think.

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