Why Australia's COVID plan needs more flexibility

There has been plenty of argument about particular assumptions in the Doherty model. But the more fundamental problem is that it is effectively obsolete.

Brain health

Using the internet in retirement boosts brain function

Researchers discover significant benefit in ability to recall words among retirees who use the internet regularly.


Eating one avocado a day can help reduce your belly fat

Eating an avocado a day could hold the key to reducing belly fat, according to research.

Health Checks

Five key signs of deadly sepsis

Experts outline the five signs suggesting you need urgent medical attention for sepsis.

Health & Ageing

How Australia could reduce dementia by 40 per cent

Doing the recommended amount of physical activity could lower the incidence of dementia by 18 per cent, researchers say.


Have we turned our homes into COVID breeding grounds?

In our quest to design energy-efficient houses, experts say we may have inadvertently turned our homes into COVID traps.

Health Checks

Seven arthritis myths busted

There's a lot of misinformation about arthritis pain and treatment. Brendan Howell helps debunk some common misconceptions.

Pain Management

How to get to sleep when you have a cold

It can be tricky to get quality sleep when you have a cold, but rest is essential for your body to recover. A sleep expert offers these tips.


Gut feeling: Scientists discover unusual arthritis link

The ability for your arthritis diagnosis to improve may lie in your gut microbiome.


Australian retirement security ranks seventh in global index

Australia performs well on the measure of finances in retirement, but is lagging behind in its health outcomes.


Some restrictions ease, more regions in lockdown, COVID's toll

Victoria hit its 70 per cent vaccination target much earlier than expected, bringing forward an easing of restrictions, but it wasn't all good news.

Your Health

When to see a doctor about joint pain

Liz Connor asks pharmacist Phil Day to share advice and solutions for managing joint aches and pains.

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