Treatment depends on where you live and what you earn

A study that tracked every one of the 1.2 million Australians with type 2 diabetes finds treatment is not equal and those living in remote and lower socioeconomic areas are more likely to be given older, less effective drugs.


Friday Reflection: A new perspective

We’ve been the lucky ones, writes baby boomer Dianne Motton, and now is the time to focus on the positives.

Health news

Patients who mark down their doctors, pharmacists

A survey of chronic pain patients has revealed that relationships between doctors and pharmacists and their clients have worsened in the past year.


Device permits at-home health monitoring

COVID-19 spurs use of remote monitoring program that could revolutionise medical care.

Finance News

The costs that are crippling many Australians

Medical and hospital costs have almost trebled over the past 20 years, says new report.


Inefficient hospitals, ‘greedy’ doctors blamed for health fund woes

Private health insurance premiums could be cut by up to 10 per cent if private hospitals were made more efficient and doctor ‘greed’ was contained, according to the Grattan Institute.

Health & Ageing

Why you should prepare for more private health insurance pain

The likelihood of limiting next year’s private health insurance increases to an average three per cent has been labelled ‘extremely challenging’ with ‘hefty’ increases forecast.


Calls to allow insurers to charge higher premiums for the sick

Paper urges Government to subsidise older and sicker Australians’ health insurance costs and let funds adjust their premiums.


Report reveals the countries with the best healthcare

If you’re concerned about decent healthcare while you’re on holiday, then Japan is the place to be, according to a new report from ID Medical Group.


Private health insurance industry in a ‘death spiral’

The head of a major health insurer wants the Government to abolish Medicare, but a Grattan Institute report says the private health insurance industry is in a death spiral.

Health news

Report reveals glaring holes in Australia’s health system

Australia’ healthcare system works well for those who are well, but has a long way to go to catch up to the changing healthcare needs of everyday Australians.

Health news

Health advocates fearful of ‘healthcare now, pay later’ scheme

The cost of healthcare is one of the top two concerns of older Australians, which makes Afterpay’s latest announcement both a good and a potentially troubling move for consumers.

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