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How healthily do you eat? The Healthy Eating Quiz rates how healthy your eating habits are and helps you make better choices.

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Which diet is best for you?

Whether you’re trying to trim down or simply make a healthy lifestyle change, the best and worst diets of 2015 will help you get started.

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The trick to getting portions right

Do you know your food portions? Most of us overeat and don’t even realise it. Learn what a healthy portion size is without going hungry.


Eating healthy on a budget

Many people have the misconception that eating healthily requires spending more money on food, but with a little extra planning and preparation anyone can eat well on a tight budget.


How not to encourage weight loss

A study of 3000 British adults found that fat-shaming actually made people gain weight.

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Foods to keep your brain healthy

As you age, the foods which you eat can have a lot to do with the health of your brain. Which foods should you add to your diet?


Eat well for less

Maggie Beer has become a champion for better food for older Australians, in particular those in aged care. So who better to open the discussion on healthy food on a budget?

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Five best healthy-eating websites

Nutrition and eating healthily can be confusing, with health fads changing week-to-week. These five websites help to demystify what you should really be eating.


Healthy eating on the run

How healthy are your current eating habits? Do you find yourself rushing around with no time to plan and that you often eat on the run? Learn how to eat more healthily and lose weight with these 13 helpful tips.

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The dangers of soy

Soy seems to be in everything you consume these days, from bread to supplements to sauces. But is soy really a miracle food, or could it be dangerous to your health?

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Facts you think you know about food…

…are actually wrong! Have you ever wondered why you’re doing everything by the book when it comes to healthy eating and still not losing weight? It could be that you’ve fallen foul of some of these common food myths.


Avoid diabetes by eating right

Healthy eating really can help you to either manage your diabetes or avoid it all together. Even though this seems obvious, it can still become overwhelming if you complicate things too much. Why not try this simple method to manage your food?