Cruise Deals

Affordable Queensland cruising

If the thrills and spills of the theme parks do not appeal when you are visiting the Gold Coast, a one and a half hour cruise down the canals and Broadwater of Surfers Paradise is a lovely way to while away an afternoon. For just $20 you will receive a BBQ lunch along with a live commentary onboard and an amusing insight into how the rich and famous (and infamous) folk live on the Coast.


A bird’s-eye view of Berlin

Get your bearings in Berlin, with a bird’s eye view of the city, before you set off on a sightseeing tour of all this German gem has to offer.


Fall in love with Lisbon

Don't be fooled by appearances, despite appearing to be a mish-mash of features from other cities around the world, Lisbon has a vibe that is entirely its own.


Eat for less when travelling

When you are travelling the amount you spend on food can be one of your larger expenses. Andrea has a few tips to help reduce the costs.


Frequently forgotten items to pack

When you are in a last-minute frenzy of packing, it's easy to forget to pack some essential items. Check these items off your list before you zip up your suitcase.


First things first

You've been planning your holiday for months and it is about to begin. What are the top six things you should do within the first 24 hours of arriving at your destination?


Stay healthy when travelling

When on holiday your normal routines and good habits tend to go out the window. But it is actually not too difficult to stay fit and healthy while you are away from home.


Top travel tips

We've researched a number of travel sites and bring you the best advice and most useful travel tips from seasoned travellers.

Do's and don't's for in-flight fashion

Knowing what to wear – or, more importantly, what not to wear – on a plane can be a minefield.

Health News

The healthy travel alphabet

Today’s travellers venture into all sorts of exotic environments that can challenge good health. Use this A–Z guide by Dr Deborah Mills to help you keep fighting fit while you see the world.


How to jettison jet lag

After 24 hours or more strapped into a tiny aeroplane seat, most of us want to hit the ground running when we’re finally set free at our destination. But, although the mind is willing, all too often our bodies are not, because they’re suffering the effects of jet lag.