Costs of hearing health

Hearing loss is a complex condition – and understanding the cost and process involved in maintaining hearing health can be as well. Understanding this process means you can be an informed consumer, with the knowledge to ask the right questions of the right people.

Hearing Health

Men won’t address hearing loss

Although men are often keen to keep up with the latest consumer electronics, many are reluctant to embrace the technological advances of the hearing aid industry. Yet many simply don’t realise how far hearing aid technology has come – hearing aids are now, in some cases, almost entirely invisible, and provide a much better quality of sound than they once did.


Hearing loss and mumblers

Are you trying to understand people in a noisy world? Struggling to hear mumblers and whisperers can lead to isolation. What can you do to avoid this?


Hearing loss and balance problems

A recent study has linked hearing loss to balance issues, finding a three-fold increased risk in falling for those with impaired hearing.

Finance News

Can I get a hearing aid subsidy?

Elizabeth upgraded from the free government-funded hearing aid but was surprised to find she wasn’t entitled to a subsidy and wants to know if this is correct.


Depression and hearing losst

Social isolation and depression can often co-exist with hearing loss. Find out how hearing aids can help people to become more resilient against depression and improve their social lives.

Health Checks

Hearing loss in the holiday season

Hearing loss can make the holiday season especially trying, and those with hearing impairment may find loud group conversations difficult. So what can you do to help?

Hearing Loss, Tests and Solutions

Hearing and technology

Technology can help your hearing in a range of ways, from testing your hearing at home for free, to linking your hearing aid wirelessly to your mobile phone for hands-free calls.


Persevering with hearing aids

Many first-time wearers of hearing aids become frustrated, but it’s worth persevering

Health & Ageing

Your hearing and divorce

New research has revealed that divorce rates are higher between people with some level of hearing damage than those who still have normal hearing, leading researchers to conclude that the two are intimately connected.


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