Top three hearing myths explained

Contrary to popular belief, hearing loss doesn’t just affect older people. During Hearing Awareness Week, we debunk the top three hearing myths so you can better understand this condition.

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Can a Fitbit improve your hearing?

Did you know that by keeping your heart healthy, you can also reduce the likelihood of suffering from hearing loss?

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Hearing loss link to dementia

A study has compared adults with normal hearing and those with impaired hearing, and found a link between hearing loss and a reduction in brain size.


Focus exercises for hearing

Whilst it is always best to see a qualified hearing specialist when it comes to managing the symptoms of hearing loss, there are a few things you can do yourself to help you maintain better hearing. These are called focus exercises.


Diagnosing and treating tinnitus

Almost one in every five Australians experience an enduring or recurring ‘ringing in their ears’ – known as tinnitus. Despite the number of people who suffer from the condition, there are probably many who don’t know what having the condition means and while many people simply live with the condition, there are ways it can be managed. n


Hearing loss link to heart health

While many Australians put a great deal of importance on having a healthy heart, the same can’t be said for their hearing. But given that heart health and hearing are intrinsically linked, they both should be on top of your health checklist.

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Investing in hearing devices

The question around hearing device affordability is often one that’s raised in the lead up to buying or upgrading hearing devices. So, what exactly are you getting for your money?

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Signs of hearing loss

Hearing loss can be gradual and therefore difficult to diagnose if it’s a real problem. If you’re experiencing a few of the following symptoms, then it’s time to take action.


Introducing out-of-sight hearing aids

Being able to hear clearly empowers you, giving you the confidence to live your life to the full. Hearing aids are now so discreet that no one will know you’re wearing one.


Quick hearing quiz

If you’re constantly asking people to repeat things, or find it difficult to hear in noisy areas, perhaps your hearing is below par. Take this quick test to see if you need help?


Exercise can help your hearing

We all know that an active lifestyle is vital for keeping your body healthy, but did you know that exercise could also help your hearing?

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Four degrees of hearing loss

Hearing loss varies greatly between each person, and can occur due to a combination of reasons including long-term exposure to loud noises, heredity pre-disposition, a result of an illness or old age.

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