How to get a cheaper hearing device

With the Hearing Services Program (HSP) Australia, you could be eligible for subsidies. Here’s what’s available and how to book a free hearing test.


You could be eligible for hearing device subsidies

Did you know that the quality hearing aid you’ve been searching for could be cheaper than you think?


How to book a hearing aid test safely during COVID-19

Everyday life is very different right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, you can still safely book a hearing aid test – we show you how.


Has lockdown driven tinnitus sufferers to despair?

One in six Australians suffer from tinnitus, yet research is limited. Researchers are now analysing how sufferers coped with the condition during the COVID-19 lockdowns and how this may lead to medical breakthroughs.


Podcast: Hearing technology breakthrough

John Deeks speaks with Andrea Andehov, general manager of GN Hearing, about a made-to-measure hearing aid that enables a natural sound.

Hearing Health

Tinnitus research could help millions

Bimodal neuromodulation combining sound and tongue stimulation shown to reduce tinnitus symptoms in a large randomised clinical study.

Hearing Loss, Tests and Solutions

Talk hearing loss with family

Hearing loss will affect most of the population as we age, but to varying degrees.

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

Hearing support for older Australians

Audiologist Emma Scanlan tells how tele-audiology works and whether this is the future of hearing support for older Australians.

Hearing Loss, Tests and Solutions

Max sounds off on hearing aids

Max Williams once hated wearing his hearing aids, but all he had to do was change his hearing technology and his perceptions soon followed. Here’s how Max thinks hearing aids will change his life.

Hearing Health

Hearing loss explained

Hearing loss affects millions of Australians each year. Audiologist Nick Taylor explains what you should know about hearing loss and hearing aids.

Health news

Drug can stop hearing loss: study

Biologists identify the molecular receptors that cause hearing loss and successfully use a drug to prevent hearing damage.


Hearing aids may prevent dementia

Two studies have concluded that people who wear hearing aids for age-related hearing problems maintain better brain function than those who do not.

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