Quick hearing quiz

If you’re constantly asking people to repeat things, or find it difficult to hear in noisy areas, perhaps your hearing is below par. Take this quick test to see if you need help?

Hearing Health

Four degrees of hearing loss

Hearing loss varies greatly between each person, and can occur due to a combination of reasons including long-term exposure to loud noises, heredity pre-disposition, a result of an illness or old age.

Costs of hearing health

Hearing loss is a complex condition – and understanding the cost and process involved in maintaining hearing health can be as well. Understanding this process means you can be an informed consumer, with the knowledge to ask the right questions of the right people.


When hearing loss is dangerous

Our senses are vital when it comes to being alert to dangers, so when hearing loss starts to impact your response times, it becomes an issue which can’t be ignored.


Six risks to your hearing

With an estimated one in four Australians to be affected by hearing loss by 2050, now is the time to address the practices which may cause you hearing difficulties. These six ways in which you can sabotage your hearing may alert you to the need to change your habits.

Hearing Awareness Week

Hearing loss is often ignored or generally accepted as a sign of ageing. Many sufferers are either unaware they have an issue, or simply refuse to accept the signs. Hearing Awareness Week, from 24 to 30 August, aims to do just that – make people aware of the signs of hearing loss and highlights what can be done to address the issues.

Hearing Health

Men won’t address hearing loss

Although men are often keen to keep up with the latest consumer electronics, many are reluctant to embrace the technological advances of the hearing aid industry. Yet many simply don’t realise how far hearing aid technology has come – hearing aids are now, in some cases, almost entirely invisible, and provide a much better quality of sound than they once did.


Hearing loss and mumblers

Are you trying to understand people in a noisy world? Struggling to hear mumblers and whisperers can lead to isolation. What can you do to avoid this?


Hearing loss and balance problems

A recent study has linked hearing loss to balance issues, finding a three-fold increased risk in falling for those with impaired hearing.


Famous people with hearing loss

Musicians suffering hearing loss is hardly surprising, but you may not be aware of other famous people who have flourished in their chosen field despite not being able to hear properly.


Diabetes and hearing loss

Diabetes has long been tied to loss of vision, however, a new study has shown that those suffering from the disease may also be more than twice as likely to develop hearing loss.


Is your mobile phone causing hearing loss?

Mobile phone use has increased exponentially over the past decade, and medical professionals are concerned that this may be the cause of widespread hearing loss.

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