Improving fairness of benefits

The government has pledged to upgrade the welfare payment system, in order to better assist those most in need, and eliminate the frequency of welfare fraud.


Dolphin asks diver for help

In this heart-warming video of trust and kindness, a bottlenose dolphin asks a diver to remove a fishing hook and line stuck in its fin.

YourLifeChoices simplifying technology series

Over the course of three videos, Anne Rady will help you to make the most of your technology. So stay tuned for part one of YourLifeChoices simplifying technology series.

Technology News

Set your homepage

It is common (bad) practice for installations of new programs and upgrades to current software to change your internet homepage. Drew explains how to reset your homepage in four different browsers.


What Google can do for you

Offering translation services, videos, news, email, website analytics, the largest advertising network on the internet and many more facilities; it is no wonder Google is changing the lives of ordinary Australians.


Help with losing weight

Many Australians make resolutions at the start of the year but only around 15 per cent actually see them through. After the excess of the festive season it’s hardly surprising that the number one resolution is to lose weight and now there’s a handy planner to help you reach your goal.


Grandparents' support

Caring for a child will mean many changes to your life, socially and financially. Often, the circumstances that see you being responsible for a child’s care are less than ideal. So where do you turn for help and support?


Social solutions for singles

Whether you find yourself suddenly single or have been enjoying your own company for a while, there are situations which arise where you may need a little guidance. Debbie answers five simple questions to help you avoid a social faux pas.

Looking for the positives

With floods wreaking havoc across the South East of Australia over the past week we have again been reminded of the power of Mother Nature. In the last couple of years we have been given more than enough examples of this. Whether it was the terrible Black Saturday bushfires, the frightening Queensland floods of 2010-11 or the harrowing Christchurch earthquake we should all be well aware of how we are at the mercy of our environment and it’s unpredictable behaviour.

Take responsibility for your own actions

In previous years when watching these ‘Fat TV’ reality shows, one message has been crystal clear ? you are the problem and you need to change that problem.

Australian ‘hokey’ pokie reform

The figures are damning. Six hundred thousand Australians play poker machines at least once a week and 95,000 of those are problem gamblers who lose an average of $21,000 a year.

Slots of money

Gambling addiction is a serious issue in Australia. You can’t watch a game of cricket without being bombarded with advertisements for betting on the match, nor can you enter your local RSL (excluding WA) without being confronted with the bright lights and sounds of poker machines eating up the hard-earned dollars of Australians.

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