Lockdown hobbies: Cross-stitch

If you’ve ever wanted to start cross-stitching or are picking up the thread for the first time in a while, read on for advice from experts and some tips to get started.

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The seven emotional stages of beginner baking

Baking has skyrocketed during self-isolation. Here are the stages we go through as beginner bakers.


10 hobbies to try during lockdown to keep yourself busy

These easy, at-home hobbies are perfect to keep your mind sharp while self-isolating – activities such as colouring and yoga have been shown to boost mental health and reduce stress.


Simple ways to stimulate mind and body

Routine is great, boredom is bad – for the brain and for your mental wellbeing. Here’s how to reinvigorate your creative self.


New phone app to convert hobbies into businesses

A new smartphone app will be launched on January 23 to help older women gain the confidence and skills needed to turn their hobbies into extra income through online microenterprise training.

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How to make extra spending money

For many older Australians, funding a comfortable retirement can be a challenge, so we’ve put together an extensive list of hobbies and skills that you can use to make extra cash.


A collection of thoughts

When given the opportunity, most men love to collect.


Seasoned surfies

Anyone who thinks surfing is an “adolescent activity” needs to get down to the surf beach. Chances are, your assumptions will be challenged before you even leave the car park.