As bushfire and holiday seasons converge, it may be time to say goodbye to the typical Australian summer holiday

As we contemplate a future where catastrophes like the one currently engulfing Australia become increasingly frequent, maybe it’s time to say goodbye to the typical summer Australian holiday.


When Christmas meant a bag of boiled lollies and threepenny bits in the pudding

Betty Richards is a vibrant 92-year-old. This Christmas, she will sit down to a lovely lunch with her adult children and grandchildren. But back in the 1930s, the special day was very different.

Seniors Travel Insurance

Travel SOS: What happens when travel providers go bust?

The recent collapse of Thomas Cook has Kaye wondering what recourse travellers have when their travel companies fail.


Poll reveals what older travellers want

Adventure travel is not strictly the domain of younger travellers, with a study conducted by Rough Guides showing that older travellers still want adventure.

Friday Funnies: Say it like a local and other hilarious travel tales

A couple’s disagreement over how to pronounce the name of the town they’re in; why aliens nwon’t visit earth; and Jack’s plan to ensure his wife doesn’t fall pregnant over the holidays.


Don’t let the weak Aussie dollar crimp your spending

While you may have less spending power when travelling than previously when you apply current exchange rates, there are still ways you can stretch your holiday money.


How to choose unique and meaningful souvenirs

While some travellers are content to keep their mementos in their heads, other prefer to take a little something from their holiday home. Andrea shares her tips for choosing meaningful souvenirs.


Nine things you don't want to hear on holiday

There are certain words you never want to hear on holiday. While some may represent a minor inconvenience, others may spell the end of a happy journey.


The sad faces keeping a billion tourists happy

The global tourism industry is worth around $10 trillion a year, but money isn't the only commodity being churned: for many who work in the sector, their way of life is not far from a living hell.


The silly season is also the time of year most stressful for your health

This time of the year can be a lot of fun, but it’s also the worst time of the year for your health. Here are just a few ways the silly season wreaks havoc on your immune system.


Undiscovered island getaways

Want the peace and serenity of a tropical holiday without the crowds? Try these spots.


Five affordable destinations within five hours of Australia

A relaxing or exciting holiday is never far away. Here are five beautiful (and affordable) destinations that are less than five hours away.

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