Health & Ageing

New tech grants the home care wishes of the majority of older Aussies

Australians can live in their homes for longer as they age, thanks to new CSIRO tech.

Health & Ageing

Understanding home care packages so you can access them when needed

New research reveals older Aussies lack confidence when accessing home care packages.

Federal Government

Majority of aged care residents don’t feel their needs are met

What it is actually like for people inside the aged care system?

Federal Budget

Extra home care packages a ‘drop in the bucket’

Almost 60,000 older Australian still left waiting despite extra funding.

Staying at home

Older people ageing at home face the highest risks

Those who wish to age at home may not be as safe as they think, according to findings from the aged care royal commission.

Health essentials

‘No-one should wait longer than a month for home care’

Health Services Union wants the Medicare levy to be increased from 2 per cent to 2.65 per cent to pay for improvements in aged care.

Legal & General

How to make a complaint about aged care

Everyone has the right to provide feedback and make a complaint about aged care services they are receiving.

Aged Care

What do Australians really think about ageing and aged care?

The Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety has released new research about Australians’ attitudes towards ageing and aged care.

Aged Care

Extra home care packages a ‘drop in the ocean’

Key groups welcome extra home care packages, but say much more needs to be done.

Government support

Aged care sector wants to tap into homeowners’ wealth

Major aged care provider lobbies government for review of means-tested fees to fix the sector’s ‘broken funding model’.

Health & Ageing

Majority of Aussies have not done enough to modify property

New nationwide research has found that older Australians’ desire to remain living at home increases with age.

Aged Care

Older Australians left abandoned and confused by home care

New research shows older Australians are often unable to access the necessary support to live happier, healthier lives at home.

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