Health news

The key to better hospital care is … in your home

We’re living longer and heaping extra strain on the hospital and healthcare systems, but a pilot program offers a solution.

Age Pension

Government must step up for homeowners and renters

Home ownership is a fundamental plank in our retirement income system, but it is crumbling and older renters are largely being ignored, write Per Capita’s Emma Dawson and Myfan Jordan.

Income and asset tests

The problems selling the family home

Kevin is considering selling the family home but has concerns about the repercussions for his part Age Pension and his retirement income when he has to rent. He asks retirement income specialist Noel Whittaker for guidance.

Making the transition to retirement

Services you should know about to help you age at home

For all those who want to stay in their homes for as long as possible, Louise Biti, director of Aged Care Steps, has one critical piece of advice.


Unlock the family home to boost your retirement income

Home ownership has been a boon for many baby boomers, but for those who are asset-rich and cash-poor, what are the options? Emmett Wilkinson has some solutions.


Empty-nest transformations that won’t break the bank

Your youngest has finally moved out and you have a newly vacant bedroom. Here’s how to transform the space on a budget. n


Are you cleaning your home often enough?

Read our handy guide for how regularly you should be cleaning assorted household items.


How to … naturally banish spiders from your home

If you’ve got some unwanted eight-legged ‘house guests’ but don’t want to whip out the toxic chemicals, here are some nice and natural tips on how to banish spiders.


Protecting your safety – and privacy – at home

Technology that can help older Australians live in their homes for longer is already having an impact and is set to become more widely used in the next decade.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Centrelink Q&A: Will loan and rent affect Age Pension?

Laurie has plans to build a home and wants to know how a loan and possible rent will affect his Age Pension.


Can Bec avoid CGT if she sells home share to a sister?

Bec and her sister have inherited the family home, but Bec is keen to sell her share to her sister and asks Noel Whittaker if she will incur a tax bill.


Can I rely on the government’s at-home screening kit?

Janet has received a do-it-yourself bowel cancer screening kit in the mail and wants to know whether she can rely on it. Dr Troye Wallett offers his advice.

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