Honeycomb Icecream

Gently soften the vanilla icecream in a chilled ceramic bowl. Carefully break the honeycomb slab into various sizes, none more than a 2cm square, and quickly fold half into the icecream. Pour the icecream into a desired icecream mould or back into the original icecream container and freeze again. Keep the remaining honeycomb in an air-tight container for topping when serving.

Food and Recipes

Homemade remedies

YOURLifeChoices has quick and easy remedies which can be rustled up from the contents of your pantry. So the next time you’re feeling under the weather, you can give the pharmacy a miss.


Chilli Chicken Pizza

Gourmet Pizza’s from a take away can be expensive but a little imagination is all you need to make your own delicious homemade versions. Debbie’s Chili Chicken Pizza will inspire you to create your own masterpiece in the kitchen.


Misers’ meatballs

The ultimate comfort food, tempt your tastebuds with Misers' delicious meatballs.


Vanilla Sugar

Making your own vanilla sugar couldn’t be simpler and can be used in tea, when baking biscuits or for sprinkling on fresh fruit for a little extra sweetness. Make your gift extra special by choosing a pretty jar to showcase your handy work.


Marinated Feta

For someone whose taste buds are more savoury than sweet, this simple marinated feta is a real Christmas treat.

Cakes & Baking

Simple Bun Loaf

Shirley shares with us her quick and Simple Bun Loaf that can be made from ingredients you may have in your pantry.


Savoury neck chops

This cheap, easy and tasty recipe for Savoury Neck Chops from the Country Women’s Association, Classic Cookbook, is a real taste of Australia that is great as a family staple.


Homemade Chicken Nuggets

No need to head down to McDonalds, YOURLifeChoices Homemade Chicken Nuggets are fast and very tasty!


Chicken and Vegetable Pie

Quick and easy to make, try our Chicken and Vegetable Pie today!

Cakes & Baking

Homemade Almond Biscuits

Homemade biscuits taste so much better than shop bought ones and often work out cheaper. Whip up a batch of these Almond Biscuits and keep for unexpected visitors.


Curried Cauliflower Soup

Guaranteed to give you a warm glow during the cold winter months, Dianne and Bruce share with other YOURLifeChoices subscribers their recipe for spicy Curried Cauliflower Soup.

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