The Hong Kong missed by guidebooks

There’s no better way to experience Hong Kong than on foot. So download the map, put on a sensible pair of shoes, pack your appetite and a bottle of water and hit the pavement!


Planning the ultimate adventure

If you’re looking for the ultimate destination, we’ve found it – Hong Kong. Now, how do you plan your Hong Kong adventure?


A different side of Hong Kong

Known for its ultra-modern architecture, bustling neighbourhoods and sleek design, there’s also a dramatically different side to Hong Kong that will appeal to your wild side.


The great outdoors

Beyond the futuristic skyline and high-rise apartments Hong Kong has an abundance of nature waiting to be discovered.


Hong Kong happenings

Make the most of your trip to Hong Kong by including one of these colourful events or festivals.


You can only do this in Hong Kong

A cultural hotspot where East meets West, Hong Kong is a region teeming with must-sees and must-dos.


Welcome to the neighbourhoods

Craig Tansley walks you through Hong Kong’s neighbourhoods and uncovers the city’s best-kept secret, Sham Shui Po …


From street food to fine dining

From Formica tables and brightly coloured plastic chairs to fancy linens and silverware –Hong Kong’s diverse and mouth-watering cuisine is irresistible.


Affordable Michelin dining

Mention Michelin-starred restaurants and many people automatically think ‘expensive’. However, this destination bucks the trend with a number of easily-accessible and affordable Michelin dining options.


Canine camera crew capture HK

Hong Kong Tourism Board has joined forces with some seriously cute canines to show off the community and culture of one of Hong Kong’s favourite neighbourhoods.


A symphony of lights

Hong Kong takes Christmas lights and holiday festivities to the next level with its astonishing Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival. You may have missed this one, but this video may well inspire you to get there next year.


Travel round the world from $1179

Can’t decide where to go on your next holiday? Why not go everywhere?

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