Travel SOS: How your hotel will be different post-COVID

The world of travel we return to won’t be the same as the one we left behind. Hotels are adapting to the changed needs of guests. These are the changes we can expect to see in the hotel industry.


How to transform your home into a luxury hotel

Lockdown means we have all spent a lot of time in very familiar surroundings. But there are ways to revamp your living space.


Why your accommodation can be part of the travel experience

Where you stay can be as much a part of the travel experience as the city or country you’ve chosen to visit. Janelle Ward offers her top three.


Hotel how to’s go viral

Ever thought of wrapping the TV remote in your shower cap to keep your hands clean? What about these handy hotel hacks?


No need for bouncers in Merle’s public house

They came, they drank and they left – ensuring never to upset the ‘boss’.


Is this the finest affordable five-star hotel in Brisbane?

Kaye reviews what she believes is Brisbane’s finest five-star hotel – The Gambaro.


Seven sneaky hotel tips to save you money

Travel doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Here are seven tips that can help save you money and avoid additional hotel fees.


Travel SOS: Is there such thing as a 7-star hotel?

Mirka wonders if seven-star hotels exist. She needs to know in order to put her inheritance to the purpose it was meant for. Olga reveals where she can find the laps of luxury she seeks.


Seven ways to stay safe in your hotel

The last thing you want to worry about on holiday is hotel safety. But a great day spent sampling French cheeses or exploring Roman ruins can be spoilt if you return to a ransacked hotel room.


Seven super (free) travel apps

Whether you’re looking for cheap airfares, half-priced hotel rooms or need someone (or something) to show you around town, Liv’s favourite free travel apps will have you covered.


Sir Stamford at Circular Quay awaits …

Sir Stamford at Circular Quay’s luxurious rooms and famous attention to detail will have you never wanting to leave. So, take advantage of your exclusive YourLifeChoices discount.


The hotel with the worst view in the world

Never one to shy away from controversy, Banksy’s hotel in Bethlehem pulls no punches. A polemical and political statement by the artist, it’s received rave reviews. Would you stay here?

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