Downsides to downsizing

Moving in with adult kids, buying near a school or employment hub will block retirees from taking part in the new downsizing rules to boost superannuation.


Would you pay this woman’s rent?

A former Bondi ‘party girl’ turned medical student has fallen behind in her rent and, faced with eviction, is now calling on the public to help her pay it. You’d be amazed at the reaction.


More pain for renters

A new series of apps that pit renter against renter will only further tip the balance of power in favour of landlords, making it even more difficult to get an affordable house.

Federal Budget 2017

Market squeeze locking out renters

Anglicare has released its annual Rental Affordability Snapshot report that reveals low-income renters are being pushed out of the market, with available properties either unaffordable or unsuitable.

Federal Budget

MPs the big property winners

Housing affordability may be one of the biggest talking points so far this year, but it seems our Parliamentarians have no problem buying big when it comes to property.

Federal Budget 2017

Economist advises: rent, not buy

Deloitte Access Economics economist Chris Richardson told the National Press Club on Wednesday that right now younger Australians should be looking to rent, not buy.

Federal Budget

Retirement, housing & Budget 2017

Politics again trumped policy when Scott Morrison talked about housing affordability on Monday so let’s get on with the solutions that will work if adopted in Budget 2017–18.

Federal Budget 2017

Negative gearing changes a no-go

With Treasurer Scott Morrison yesterday defiantly ruling out any changes to negative gearing, it's clear that this year’s Budget is going to be a battlefield on housing affordability.

Living in retirement

Retirement haves and have nots

It’s not only the younger people who are doing it tough in this overheated property market. Our research reveals the plight of retirement renters who are doing it toughest of all.


Could super be used to buy a home?

Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar has refused to rule out allowing people early access to their superannuation to help fund the purchase of their first home. Is this a good idea?


MP’s advice for future home buyers

Who knew that housing affordability could be tackled by future homeowners simply securing a ‘highly paid job’. That’s the advice from Liberal MP Michael Sukkar.


Housing affordability not an issue

The Government’s 20-month inquiry into housing affordability gave its findings on Friday. But anyone hoping for the answers to ever-increasing house prices will be disappointed.

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