Smashed avo fightback

Columnist and demographer Bernard Salt trivialised home ownership in his column in the Weekend Australian and, without doubt, bit off more than he could chew.


Inheritance tax on the cards?

The key to tackling Australia’s rising wealth inequality and helping middle-income Australians afford their own homes is an inheritance tax – so says a leading economist.


Over 55 and homeless on the rise

Most of us imagine the homeless as down-trodden men, begging for change, but single women over the age of 55 are rapidly becoming one of the most vulnerable groups.


Who earns more: boomers or Gen Y?

Do you feel like the younger generation is making more money than you did? Research shows that baby boomers were wealthier than today’s Gen Y at the same age. But who had it easier?


Downsizing Guide January 2016

You only need to look around your own suburb to see the ‘for sale’ signs and removal vans to realise how many locals are making this move.


Outrage at ‘hogging houses’ claim

Senior groups are outraged after a Monash University report released on Monday suggested that older Australians should move out of their homes to make way for younger families.


Retirement housing dilemma

A new report on retirement income and housing recognises the critical role of home ownership. Put simply, most home renters in retirement will live in poverty.

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