How to … keep your produce fresher for longer

Try these scientific tips to help reduce food waste and the grocery bill. Ethylene is a gas produced by some fruits and vegetables that can speed up the ripening process.


How to … keep your lips from thinning

Avoiding factors that contribute to thinning lips including smoking, dehydration and sun damage can help your lips remain plumper for longer. There are also supplements, plumpers and treatments that can help your lips remain full.


How to clean jewellery at home

If you want to keep your rings, bracelets and necklaces sanitary and sparkling, they require a bit of TLC. Here's what to use to keep jewellery clean at home.


Become the epitome of organisation with a wardrobe clear-out

Need to create a more streamlined wardrobe? Here are some simple tips to make the task as easy as possible.

Health & Ageing

How to … ease hip pain and increase flexibility

A variety of factors including exercise, stretching, weight loss, protecting your joints, medicines and seeking advice from professionals can help you manage and alleviate hip pain.

Alternative Therapies

How to … treat yourself to a honey facial at home

Honey is used in a variety of beauty products. It has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to calm the skin and reduce breakouts. You can make these four simple honey mask variations with ingredients in your kitchen.


Fade age spots with these eight homemade remedies

Dark spots on the skin are a natural part of ageing. But there are also natural ways to remove them or at least reduce their appearance. Check out these eight affordable solutions you can make at home.

Mental Health

How to … meditate – a beginner’s guide

Meditation offers a multitude of health benefits to people from all walks of life. These experts share their advice on how, when are where to approach meditation, and tell us why it’s so important for our minds and bodies.


Ten ways to make family video calls more fun

From games night to virtual story time, here are some ways to liven up family video calls.


How to … calm an upset tummy

No one likes feeling bloated, nauseous or constipated. Luckily, there are ways to naturally ease the symptoms of an upset stomach.

Health & Ageing

How to … modify your home so you can grow old there

If you plan on retiring in your own home, there are some things you should know about the changes you should make.


A barber’s tips for cutting your hair and shaving at home

It may not be the time for a drastic new look, but here’s how a tidy-up might help.

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