Aussies lose $80 million to scams

Almost $82 million was lost in 2014 to scams, with Australians aged 45 and over accounting for 68 per cent of the total losses.


Aussie identity theft hits 772,000

More than 772,000 Australians have fallen victim to identify theft over the past 12 months costing each victim an average of just over $4000.

Identity Theft

Avoiding identity theft

Identity theft is something which most of us think happens to other people, but it’s estimated that one in five Australians are affected each year at a cost of $3 billion.

Identity Theft

Identity theft and fraud

Identity theft affects one million people in Australia and New Zealand each year. IDcare is a new charity which aims to help victims find their footing.

Safety Online

One billion passwords stolen

A Russian gang has stolen over one billion usernames and passwords from over 420,000 websites. How could this happen?

Safety Online

Reducing spam

Spam is a common, frustrating side effect to having an email account. Changes to the Data Protection Act mean you should carry out a check on all you receive.

Telstra owned website hacked

35,000 Telstra Bigpond GameArena and Game Shop customers personal information has been stolen with their user names, email addresses and encrypted passwords all being downloaded by hackers.

Never use the same password twice

We are all guilty of reusing passwords. So why is it dangerous?