Imagine having your first baby at 72

Mother Nature can be a cruel mistress but there are times when her reasoning shouldn't be questioned, and having a child past a certain age is one of them. Surely 72 is too old?


Sanaya Sahib: should society have done more?

The news that the mother of Sanaya Sahib is responsible for the 14-month-old’s death is heartbreaking, but as a society do we share some of the blame?


Ultra Tune to appeal the ban of its ‘sexist’ advertisement

Car-servicing franchise Ultra Tune will appeal a decision to have its new ad banned for allegedly vilifying women. Why was it banned? I’m not sure. What’s your opinion?


Leave the animals alone

It's the festive season so cue the ubiquitous nude charity calendar, which is all well and good, but do poor defenceless animals really need to be involved?

Is Kim Kardashian just like you?

Are celebrities like normal people? Do they bleed blood like us, or is that gold running through their veins? Socialite Kim Kardashian has answered this burning question.

Dr No no no!

There are two things people expect from a James Bond theme – that the name of the movie is mentioned in the song and that you can actually sing along.