Age Pension payment rates

Centrelink gifting rules for Age Pensions

Will a gift of $10,000 affect the Age Pension of the recipient? What are Centrelinks gifting rules or limits on monetary gifts for those on the Age Pension?


Will you get an Age Pension?

The question just about everyone asks when approaching retirement is whether or not they will qualify for the Age Pension. So, will you?

Income and asset tests

Income or asset test?

Norma understands how her Age Pension payment is assessed, but is unsure when it switches from being assessed under the income test to the asset test.

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Reducing your assets

Doug is considering buying a more expensive home to reduce the number of assets assessable by Centrelink, but will this pay off?

Work Bonus

Why is my Age Pension reducing?

Mariam has the fully allowable amount of Work Bonus ‘banked’, so she can’t understand why her Age Pension still reduces when her husband earns an income.

Income and asset tests

Using super to pay out mortgage

Could Jenny use her super to pay out her mortgage and still get an Age Pension?

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Possible DSP changes

Sue has heard that there may be changes to the hours which one can work while claiming the DSP.

Income and asset tests

Gift or income?

Brian has been giving his son some accounting assistance but doesn’t know whether the money he has received is classed as a gift or income.

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Will casual work affect the Age Pension?

Richard has been offered some casual work but is unsure how this will affect his recent claim for the Age Pension? Will it pay him to keep on working?

Age Pension

Transitional Age Pension rates

YOURLifeChoices member Peter is having trouble finding the rate of Age Pension paid to those on transitional arrangements. Thankfully, Debbie has managed to dig them out.

Age Pension

Will I get a pension bonus now?

Paula is contemplating retirement when she turns 64 next year but is unsure if she will get a pension.


Simplifying aged care fees

Fees and charges applied by aged care facilities are asset and income tested, making it difficult to understand what you will be liable to pay. Firstly, if you are entering a low care facility, you may have to pay an accommodation bond. If your assets are between... n

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