Pension eligibility

Centrelink Q&A: Does Judy qualify for Newstart?

Judy says she has to retire due to poor health but is not old enough to apply for an Age Pension. Can she get a Newstart allowance?

Finance News

RBA's 'shocking' impending rate hike may be a boon for retirees

Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Philip Lowe has signalled that the next shift in the official cash rate will be up, not down, and will come as a shock to many households.


Cashing in on your property: the pros and cons

Asset-rich, cash-poor – it’s a refrain on the lips of many older Australians who either partly or fully own their homes. But they don’t have to choose between a roof over their head or the cash.

Income and asset tests

Centrelink Q&A: How is a second home assessed?

This couple own a home each and want to know if there are implications for an Age Pension


Do you have to declare your online earnings to the tax office?

Selling items online is an effective way to make some extra money. Maria wants to sell on eBay and would like to know if she has to declare her earnings to the Australian Tax Office.


The cheapest areas to retire to around Australia

One of the big surprises to emerge from the 2014 Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia survey was that cost-of-living levels for retirees were determined by where they lived.

Centrelink – Services Australia

How do super pensions affect the Age Pension?

Ellenora is considering upping the amount of pension she receives from her super, but is wondering how this will affect her Age Pension.


Claiming a single Age Pension

June has recently separated from her husband and is in desperate need of an Age Pension – will her husband’s income and assets affect her claim?


Australians are getting poorer

For just the fourth time in 30 years, household gross disposable income has declined compared with the previous year. Should we be concerned?

Age Pension

Minimum wage increase not all good news

Australia’s lowest paid workers will receive an extra $22.20* a week in their pay packet.


Is it worth Gerry’s while working on the Age Pension?

Gerry has the opportunity to earn some extra income but wonders how his Age Pension and his wife’s Newstart Allowance will be affected and whether or not it’s really worth it.


Super: can you receive a co-contribution and the Age Pension?

Peter receives a part Age Pension as well as income from working part time and would like to know if he can also receive the Government super co-contribution?

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