Living in retirement

Five ways to make retirement more affordable

Living in retirement on a reduced income can be daunting, but with a little know-how, cutting costs is much easier.


Beware the super-spruiker promising worry-free wealth

Super changes scheduled for 1 July 2017 create a potential risk for those making the maximum top-up. So what is this risk and why should it be avoided?


Calls to end ‘unfair’ tax break for seniors

With tax breaks for high earners seemingly untouchable, the Grattan Institute has turned the focus to seniors – the new group of “taxed nots”.


It’s not baby boomers who are lucky, it’s their children

Do you feel as though you’re constantly forking out to help your adult children? If so, then you’re not alone, but are you really doing them any favours?


CBA chief Ian Narev’s $12.3 million pay packet

Commonwealth Bank chief Ian Narev collected $12.3 million for the financial year, soaring from last year's $8 million pay day.

Living in retirement

Research proves income and occupation dictate longevity

How to live longer is a hot topic in ageing societies around the world, but most advice presumes that we all have an equal chance. The sad fact is that we don’t.

Age Pension payment rates

Age Pension: how are assets valued?

Diane is using some of her savings to purchase a new car but is unsure how her Age Pension payment will be affected under the income and asset test. Will she lose out?

Retirement Planning

Does the popular definition of ‘retirement’ still apply?

As the number of people working later in life increases and individuals live longer, healthier lives, is it time that we need to redefine retirement?

How much is enough?

Super: $640,000 is how much it takes to fund retirement

How much money do you need to fund a comfortable retirement? Well, $640,000 seems to be the magic number so how can you boost your super to achieve this goal?

How much is enough?

Retirement: are you cash poor?

Does $1 million in the bank mean you’re rich? Fifty-nine per cent of Australians believe that being worth $1,000,000 doesn’t mean you’re rich in Australia any more.

Retirement Income

Retirement: how income grows once you’ve retired

Starting your retirement doesn’t mean your savings stop growing – on average 60 per cent of retirement income (on average) is generated after you retire.


Retirement: how average is your lifestyle?

Overseas holidays, new cars and having the latest technology aren’t considered luxuries anymore, but are standard lifestyle expectations of the ‘average’ Australian.

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