Industry Super Funds

Proposed super changes shelved

Federal Government proposing ‘exactly the wrong model’.


Proposed super changes go too far

Public hearings into the Government’s proposed changes to superannuation legislation have expressed concern about the timeframe.

Industry Super Funds

Govt attacks industry super again

The Government seems hell-bent on tackling the best-performing part of the superannuation sector, while leaving true retirement problems festering.


Should you consider an SMSF?

Self managed super funds (SMSFs) are often seen as a means to having more control over your retirement savings. By selecting and managing your own investments, you’re bound to make the right decisions – correct? Well for some people, SMSFs work well, particularly if there is business or real property to be invested. But for a growing number, an underestimation of how much time and money it actually takes to manage an SMSF in accordance with the rules has led to many winding up their SMSFs. n n