Testing poo could help detect true rates of coronavirus infection

ANU researchers to test sewage to ascertain the true coronavirus infection rate.


Why you should recognise the first signs of cellulitis

Cellulitis can be life threatening if left untreated, so it’s important to recognise the symptoms and seek medical help quickly.


When a stay in hospital makes you sicker

One in 10 patients are infected in hospital, and not always with what you think.


Technique ‘tricks’ the body into accepting this common medical procedure

Breakthrough raises hopes of fewer rejections and infections after joint replacements.


When will antibiotics start working?

So you’ve got an infection and feel terrible. You visit your doctor and now have a freshly filled prescription for antibiotics. Once you start taking them, when will you feel better?


Antibiotic overuse blamed for rise of the superbug

Antibiotics are not a “cure all”. They can help fight bacterial infections, but they’re no good against viruses, so there’s every chance they won’t help your sore throat.

Hearing Health

Five reasons you may have muffled hearing

Diminished hearing ability can have several causes. While it can sometimes be a sign of hearing loss, there are other causes that can be easily addressed.