Still going strong

Shane Gould shares her past triumphs and talks about continuing to live life to the full


House fires jump 20 per cent

Find out how you can keep your home safe


Applying for funeral insurance

Funeral Insurance cover is just a click or a phone call away.


InsuranceLine’s Fixed Price Guarantee

The prices you pay for goods and services creep up each year and this soon adds up.


How does funeral insurance work?

InsuranceLine’s provides flexibility to ensure everyone can have a secure future.


InsuranceLine’s Level Advantage

You take out insurance policies on your cars and homes hoping you never need to claim.


InsuranceLine’s Lifetime Protection Promise

When you stop your funeral insurance, you’ll still get something back in return


Key features of InsuranceLine’s funeral insurance

Consider which features of funeral insurance are a fit for your needs.


What is funeral insurance and is it needed?

Many families don’t have the money available to pay for a funeral.


How to avoid being car insurance poor

Car insurance is a driving expense that you certainly would appreciate if your car is broken into, stolen or you are involved in an accident. Without it, you may face significant expenses after a car accident with car repairs, medical expenses and more. However, you also do not want to pay a fortune on your car insurance premium. Here are a few steps that you can take to avoid being car insurance poor.


Choosing the right insurance

When renewing your next insurance policy, follow this simple checklist to help you get the best deal and the correct level of cover. When receiving a renewal notice for an insurance policy most people just sign on the dotted line without questioning if this is the best solution to their needs.


Beware the small print

YOURLifeChoices member Graham received a costly reminder of just how important it is to read the small print. How many of you also cast aside your insurance renewals without reading the details?

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