Dr Karl and the IGR

High profile scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has withdrawn his support for the Abbott Government’s Intergenerational Report, describing it as flawed.


Early access to superannuation

Following last week’s ‘fall off your chair’ Intergenerational Report, Joe Hockey has suggested that young people should be able to access their super early to buy a home.


It’s all your fault… apparently

Thanks to the language surrounding the reporting of the fourth Intergenerational Report (IGR4), those over 50 could be forgiven for thinking they are to blame for all the country’s misfortunes. Yet this is precisely the generation which the government thinks can help save our economy by simply working longer and expecting less. n


How will Australia fare over the next 40 years?

After the warning that Australians ‘would fall off their chairs’, IGR4 has now been released. Is it the ‘bombshell’ we were led to believe? Here’s a breakdown of what it says and how it will affect your future.


Abbott safe as PM, for now

The latest Fairfax-Ipsos poll results have allowed Tony Abbott to breathe a sigh of relief as the Coalition made up significant ground in the two-party preferred vote.

Retirement Planning

Your shortfall – your fault?

You may feel overwhelmed by the prospect of a retirement funding shortfall, but understanding why it’s happened may help you redress the balance.