Parky’s Favourite Australians

Esteemed talk-show host Michael Parkinson’s two-part special, Parky’s Favourite Australians, features interviews with famous Aussies over the years.


Sydney siege victims sign TV deals

Sydney siege victims have signed television interview deals, but the dollar-figures on offer are far less than you may expect.


Bart Cummings

Bart Cummings has trained 11 Melbourne Cup winners, with Think Big winning twice to give him 12 trophies. Watch Bart give a rare interview to Bruce McAvaney.

Julia Gillard breaks radio silence

Julia Gillard last night gave her first big interview since she was removed from office

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Hugh Mackay – What is a good life?

Hugh Mackay is a social researcher and the author of fourteen books. Rachel Tyler Jones talks with him about his latest bestseller, The Good Life and how this can be achieved.


Michael Caine

Michael Caine being interviewed by Michael Parkinson


Dame Elisabeth Murdoch

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch talks to Heather Ewart from the ABC on her 100th birthday.


Ian Parmenter tells ‘almost’ all

Fourteen books, 450 episodes of TV hit Consuming Passions, thousands of recipes and multiple awards later, Ian Parmenter shows no sign of slowing down. Now loving his life on the land in Margaret River, Ian shares with us his passion for slow, but simple, food and the need to pass on the importance of our agricultural heritage.

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The joy is in the doing

Judith Durham has just marked 50 years since she burst upon the scene. Still singing, writing and producing bestselling music, next month Judith hits the road once again, performing concerts in our major capital cities. Here she shares her views on life, love, work and vegetables!


Nora Ephron

Nora Ephron talks about her life and her work as an author and screenwriter in this interview with Paula Marantz Cohen.

The age of unlimited entitlement

In a speech delivered from London last night and subsequent TV interview, shadow treasurer Joe Hockey condemned the systems of unlimited entitlement in Western democracies and looked to our Asian neighbours as a more prudent way of handing out social welfare.

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Noni speaks out

Leading the busy life that she does, Noni Hazlehurst takes the time to tell us what’s important to her

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