Is the sky falling? Big drop in super fund returns in January

Not so super: median balanced super option drops more than two per cent in a month.


Seven tips to be richer this time next year

Our seven tips for getting richer in 12 months’ time will require some sacrifice, but just think how much better you'll feel when you check your savings this time next year.

Superannuation News

A super year for super, but what's the outlook for 2022?

In defiance of a difficult year for the economy, superannuation funds performed strongly in 2021.

Banking & Investment

The best financial adviser is closer to home than you think

We pay for investment advice from financial planners, but could free advice be closer to home?

Retirement Planning

Survey shows retirement confidence may be misplaced

A majority of older Australians say they're confident doing their own retirement planning, but for many there could be a problem.


What do you have to tell Centrelink about your shares?

Bernadette is interested in her reporting responsibility for any shares she buys and sells.

Your retirement and the Age Pension

Don't fall into the 'Retirement Trap'

The retirement system works against retirees and creates a 'Retirement Trap', where saving and investing more can actually result in lower retirement income.

Banking & Investment

Why ETFs are the ideal retirement investment option

No matter your life stage or investment skill level, ETFs are a great investment option - and it's never too late to take advantage of them.

Retirement Income

Nest eggs need a rethink, for the good of retirees and the nation

Retirees need to rethink the way they invest their nest eggs if they want to have 'sufficient income for life', and Liberal MP wants SMSFs to invest in start-ups.


Podcast: Personal finance expert Noel Whittaker on all things Retirement

Podcast: John Deeks speaks with personal finance guru, Noel Whittaker about his new book ‘Retirement Made Simple’ and the do’s and don’ts of retirement planning


The costly mistake most property investors make

Data shows that Australian property investors often make one large and costly mistake - a great deal of them overlook depreciation, a particularly lucrative tax deduction.

Superannuation News

Best performing super funds of the past 10 years revealed

The best super funds return twice as much over 10 years as the worst, so how does your fund stack up?

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