Retirement Income

Nest eggs need a rethink, for the good of retirees and the nation

Retirees need to rethink the way they invest their nest eggs if they want to have 'sufficient income for life', and Liberal MP wants SMSFs to invest in start-ups.


Podcast: Personal finance expert Noel Whittaker on all things Retirement

Podcast: John Deeks speaks with personal finance guru, Noel Whittaker about his new book ‘Retirement Made Simple’ and the do’s and don’ts of retirement planning


The costly mistake most property investors make

Data shows that Australian property investors often make one large and costly mistake - a great deal of them overlook depreciation, a particularly lucrative tax deduction.

Superannuation News

Best performing super funds of the past 10 years revealed

The best super funds return twice as much over 10 years as the worst, so how does your fund stack up?

Banking & Investment

ETFs: What are they, why consider them and how to start investing now

ETFs are an increasingly popular investment option for those who want to 'hedge their bets' on the share market. So, why are ETFs particularly suited to retirees and how do you get started on the road to realising your financial objectives?


Older Australians resist downsizing, preferring home to a move

Older Australians are opting to renovate or build in familiar surrounds rather than downsize.

Superannuation News

Super funds fight for changes to reforms

Economist says new laws will require every cent of super fund spending to be in the best financial interests of members.


Head for the hills: Australia's most affordable regions

New report reveals the top 10 most affordable regions across the country.


Older Australians want to build or renovate, not go into aged care

Australians aged 55 or older are a quarter of the population but own more than half of the nation's private wealth, so they drive the property boom more than first home buyers.

Age Pension

Dwindling cash deposit returns wipe out benefits of pension increase

The 20 March Age Pension increase for millions of older Australians means little compared to the loss of income typically earnt from cash deposits.

Banking & Investment

Why first-time traders are a threat to your retirement savings

The large number of first-time investors in Australia has implications for the Australian stock market – and on the retirement savings of older Australians.

Seniors Finance

Push to position retirees at forefront of climate change fight

Offer green infrastructure bonds directly to those of retirement age, government urged in pre-budget submission.

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