Which features use the most data?

Stretching your limited data plan can help you to avoid bill shock. We take a look at what uses the most data on your device so you can maximise the value of your internet plan.


Five best portable battery chargers

A portable battery charger is invaluable for a traveller, so Ryan has found the five best chargers available to double (or octuple) your battery life and more.


Six little-known iPad tricks

Tablets are a popular way for everyone to access the internet without dealing with the complexities of a computer. It's time to show your iPad who’s boss with these six little-known iPad tricks.


What’s inside iOS 10?

From fun to functional, these new iPhone and iPad features will soon be available. Here is our sneak peek of Apple’s iOS 10.

Computer Tutorials

How to check for updates

Are your devices running too slowly? You may not have even noticed your software is out of date. Here’s how to check for updates on all of your devices.


How to make your phone read to you

If you have a difficult time reading on your smart device, you can have your phone do it for you. Here’s how to make it happen on Apple and Android devices.

Technology Q&A

Beginner’s guide to Facebook pages

Facebook pages are convenient for keeping up to date with your favourite interests. Our beginner’s guide explains how to like, share and more on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and Android.

Computer Tutorials

How to bookmark websites

Did you know you can bookmark your favourite websites, making it quicker and easier to access them? Learn how to do this on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.


How to use Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search is a fantastic tool for quickly finding anything on your iPhone or iPad, or if you have a Samsung Galaxy you can use S Finder to instantly search your device.


Posting iPhone photos on Facebook

Posting your photos on Facebook is a great way to share special moments with friends and family. So how do you upload photos to Facebook from your iPhone and iPad?

Tutorials / How To

How to share online content

One of the most overlooked features of the iPhone is also one of its handiest. Apple’s Share Sheet makes sharing web content with your friends as easy as a tap and a swipe.

Secure Access

iPhone and iPad security vulnerability

Bill recently emailed to warn us of a security vulnerability on iPhones and iPads. If your device is lost or stolen, all of your passwords and credit card details may be taken as well

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