How to move from Android to iOS

If you’re considering purchasing a new smartphone or tablet, and swapping from an Android to an iPhone or iPad, you may want to find out what’s involved when you make the move.

Technology Q&A

Tech Q&A: Facetime call problems

Karen has been trying to call one of her friends using Facetime, but for some reason she’s not receiving her calls, despite both of them having used Facetime before. So what’s going wrong?


How to use Siri

Ever wished you had a personal assistant? If you own an iPhone or iPad, you already do. Find out just how much your personal assistant, Siri, can do for you.


App of the month March 2016

Do you ever find yourself drawing a blank on the name of a song? Or how about a type of dog? Or plant? Find out what you’re listening to or looking at with these great apps.


App of the month February 2016

Do you keep track of your moles and lesions? How about your daily sugar intake? Making sure you stay healthy has never been easier with these apps of the month.


How to sell your old smartphone

You could make some extra money by selling your old smartphone or tablet, and our simple guide will walk you through how to do it.


App of the month January 2016

Create or watch a live stream with an innovative new app, or relax and have some fun playing the newest Cut the Rope game with the January app of the month.


App of the month roundup

Browse back over the app of the month picks from the year and discover the best apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and more.


Top features for iOS 9

This video highlights some of the new features in Apple's iOS 9 that you might not yet know about.

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App of the month October

Read an innovative new novel in app form by bestselling author Iain Pears, and get motivated to learn some new skills with top app of the month for iPhone/iPad and Android.

Technology News

iOS 9 slow on older devices

Users are reporting that their Apple devices are running significantly slower on the new iOS 9 compared to previous software versions. Take a look at the side-by-side comparison


Lock your smartphone’s orientation

Does your smartphone screen spontaneously rotate when you least expect it? Today, learn how to disable and enable orientation lock on your smartphone.

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