Four iPhone/iPad tricks

iPhones and iPads are filled with hidden features and these four handy tricks can save you plenty of time and effort. Get the most out of your device.


Five common iPad issues solved

Screen freezing, apps crashing, home button not responding and more. Find out how to take control of your iPad’s problems.

Technology News

iPhones, iPads and Macs hacked

iPhone, iPad and Mac users across the country have had their devices hacked.


iOS 8 revealed

Apple’s new iPhone and iPad operating system has just been announced.


Keeping a budget on the go

Drew reviews three budgeting apps to help you manage your finances.


Free smartphone antivirus app

Did you know that your smartphone can get viruses and that any information you type in or look at may not be secure? Protect yourself with a free smartphone virus protector.


Creating bookmarks on an iPad

YOURLifeChoices member Karen has recently purchased an iPad and wants to know how to create a bookmark. Drew explains how and also teaches Karen how to add a favourite website to her home screen.

Computer Tutorials

Top ten podcasts

Ready to start downloading podcasts, but not sure what’s on offer? YOURLifeChoices shares the top ten podcasts available for free.

Health News

Never forget your antibiotics again

The NPS has released a new app which will ensure you never forget your antibiotics again. Discover how you can get the app for free, and share your recovery chart with your friends and family.

Mr iPhone’s Holiday

More people are using the internet to plan holidays than for work

Vacationing with technology

More people are using technology on holiday than ever before


A dad and his iPad

For those of you who don’t speak German, read and then watch. nShe: Say, Dad, how are you getting along with the iPad we gave you for your birthday? He: Fine. She: you mean you are ok with all the apps? He: What apps?

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