Cull these apps to increase your device’s battery life

Smartphone owners are being warned after a number of dodgy apps that had been downloaded 22 million times were available in the Google Play store.


Best value smartphone for $500

YourLifeChoices member Tom wants to know which smartphone around $500 is the best value from a trusted well-known brand.


iPhone privacy settings you need to update

Smartphone users have been shocked by just how much data their phones have been recording, including conversations. There are key privacy issues that users need to address.


Your iPhone is tracking you

While it may not surprise you that your iPhone is tracking you, did you realise that your every movement is recorded as a location along with a date and time stamp?


Yes, your smartphone is listening to your conversations

Ever felt as if your smartphone is listening to your conversations? Well, you’re not going crazy. Drew shows you how to disallow your smartphone apps from listening to you.


How to delete apps on your iPhone or Android

Whether you want to create storage space, remove apps you no longer use or stop wasting time playing games, deleting apps on your smartphone is easier than you may think.


Why Apple’s making your old iPhone better than ever

The release of iOS 12 for the Apple iPhone has seen older smartphones given a new lease on life, performing better than when they first came out of the box years ago!


Apple announces three new iPhones

At an event in California last week, Apple announced three new iPhones and a new improved Apple watch will be on sale just in time for Christmas.


Turn off this annoying iPhone reminder

The ‘iPhone Backup Failed’ reminder is purposely created to be annoying to convince you to increase your storage space. Drew explains how to stop this feature.


Apple’s five big announcements

Early this month, Apple announced significant changes and updates to many major products as well as a few new features. Drew shares the five biggest announcements.


Apple set to release phone with two sim cards

Apple wants to release a phone that carries two sim cards. How would it work? How does it affect its users? Here’s a run-down of the idea.


Smartphone browsing basics to get the most of your device

Whether you have a new smartphone or just want to brush up on the basics, these smartphone browsing tips will help you master your device.

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