Pandemic focus on routine and introspection

For many, the pandemic has been a pause button that lets us think more clearly about what’s important.


Tough new penalties for those who breach COVID rules

‘I apologise to those who were doing the right thing but we simply have no choice,’ says Victorian Premier.


Is watching porn bad for your health? Five experts have their say

During isolation, more people watch more porn more often, but is it harmful? Five experts explain the pros and cons of internet intimacy.


How the coronavirus pet adoption boom is reducing stress

Urged to isolate while COVID still stalks, furry friends are filling the gaps and we’re healthier as a result.


How to transform your home into a luxury hotel

Lockdown means we have all spent a lot of time in very familiar surroundings. But there are ways to revamp your living space.

North America

Friday Reflection: Putting isolation into perspective

YourLifeChoices member Edwin Pope recalls a visit to an isolated village in Haiti to visit his sponsor children – a journey that puts his current self-isolation into perspective.


What must happen before isolation rules can be eased

Health minister Greg Hunt outlines the three developments required before our social distancing rules could be relaxed or lifted.

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

Holiday in isolation

YourLifeChoices’ travel editor Leon Della Bosca joins John Deeks and Janelle Ward on Mind Your Own Retirement to talk about the holiday you can have even in isolation.


What are the rules if you need a tradie?

Your toilet is leaking and you need a plumber. We explain what is allowed under the new distancing rules if you need a tradesperson.

Health news

Pollies’ focus on dementia seeks to build understanding

The medical symptoms of dementia are well known and the latest research is regularly reported, but it is another side-effect – isolation – that is the focus of a Dementia Australia campaign.


Street ‘happy hour’ hits the spot

It started with a single glass of wine on a porch, and now the whole street is invited.