Osteoarthritis exercises made easy with this video

Watch physiotherapist Jason Lee’s short video as he demonstrates four very simple exercises that can assist osteoarthritis sufferers.


How to manage knee osteoarthritis and postpone surgery

Glenn has a dodgy knee that has been giving him pain for some years. Physiotherapist Jason Lee tells how he can best manage the condition.


How to stretch your Levator Scapulae

Exercising your Levator Scapulae will help to prevent back and neck pain, so why not take a minute to watch this video and learn a quick and easy stretch that will strengthen and loosen your muscles.


Strengthen your deep neck flexors with this simple exercise

Are you aware that your head weighs about 6–8kg? In today’s exercise video, physiotherapist Jason Lee shows you how to strengthen your neck to help carry that weight.


Are there simple core strength exercises you can do?

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Tennis elbow: how it can be treated

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Physiotherapist Jason Lee answers Val’s question on whether she should manage pain after a knee replacement with more rehabilitation or better medication.


Getting back into exercise

Returning to or starting exercise after a long period can often seem a daunting task. Physio Jason Lee says its important to remember that is all about small and gradual steps.


Wearable technology for exercise

Wearable fitness gadgets are the latest trend in technology, but before you rush out and splash the cash, physio Jason Lee reviews their usefulness.