Foolproof ways to move more

We know we need to stretch regularly and stay physically active just to do the right thing by our bodies. But if you need extra motivation, here are the facts and figures on exercise. And yes, it’s still Exercise Right Week.


Focus on the seasonal foods that are actually good for you

If the colder weather has you thinking non-stop about food, why not focus on the seasonal foods that are actually good for you, instead of reaching for unhealthy choices?


Your sex questions answered

When it comes to talking about your sex life with your GP or gynaecologist, there is no such thing as a silly question.

Mental Health

What to eat or avoid to improve your memory

Australia’s leading and most trusted women’s health organisation, Jean Hailes, explores what you can eat and what you should avoid eating, to improve your memory and your mind.

Health news

Eating for healthy bones

A balanced diet can help maintain healthy bones and prevent osteoporosis. Because it's National Healthy Bones Week, we thought we’d ask our friends at Jean Hailes about the best diet for good bone health.


A woman’s sexual journey

Whether you have a partner or not, whether you want a partner or not, whether you’re a younger, midlife or older woman – you’re on a sexual journey. So what is that journey?


What women worry about most

A national survey has found that an overwhelming number of women are more concerned about their weight and ageing than any other health issue.

Health news

Tackling your anxiety

Anxiety is something that we all feel at one time or another, and affects people of all ages. What are the signs of anxiety and how can you tackle it?

Health & Ageing

Things to ask your mother

Knowing some key facts about your mother’s health can give you an idea of what to keep an eye on. Which important questions should you be asking?

Health News

Starting difficult conversations

Did you know that around one in five women living in Australia experience sexual violence and one in three experience physical violence at some point in their lives?

Mental Health

Are you anxious?

Jean Hailes for Women’s Health has a new resource which can help you better understand anxiety.

Health news

Vitamin D deficiency

Jean Hailes for Women’s Health has some suggestions on how to rectify a vitamin D deficiency.

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