Centrelink News

December Centrelink changes to affect half a million

New Centrelink reporting rules are expected to affect more than half a million Australians depending on government support such as JobSeeker.

Centrelink News

Government announces Christmas cut to income support payments

JobSeeker coronavirus supplement to be extended into next year, but at a reduced rate.


Coalition MPs want to cut coronavirus supplements, but boost base rates

At least 10 Coalition MPs want to cut the JobSeeker supplement next year, but most would like to see some sort of increase to the welfare payment.

Age Pension

Government and community support you should know about

Support payments, Age Pension updates, Robo-debt refunds, free travel and more.

Centrelink News

Reports JobSeeker will rise are ‘factually incorrect’: Aston

Social services minister Anne Ruston slams reports that unemployment payment will rise by $75 a week.

Age Pension

Exclusive: We talk with Centrelink’s Hank Jongen about COVID-19 support

The face of Services Australia Hank Jongen joins YourLifeChoices for an exclusive COVID-19 podcast, taking time out to reassure members that Centrelink is doing everything it can to support you in these ‘unprecedented’ times.


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