Joe Hockey’s last hurrah

As former treasurer Joe Hockey said goodbye to his 20-year parliamentary career, he also threw in a few ‘head scratchers’ for his party to ponder.


New cabinet announced

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced his new cabinet and it spells the end of Joe Hockey’s parliamentary career.


Joe Hockey on shaky ground?

The result of the Canning bi-election is tipped to decide Tony Abbott’s fate as PM, but Joe Hockey has been suggested as an alternative sacrifice.


Cost of imports to skyrocket

To level the playing field between digital and domestic retail sales, the Government plans to increase the GST on imported products purchased online.


Tax cuts at next federal election

Treasurer Joe Hockey announced this week that he would like to promise tax cuts at the next federal election.

Finance News

GST talks back on the table?

Changes to GST are back on the agenda with Treasurer Joe Hockey proposing increasing the tax in order for the states to raise the funds to match expenditure.


Joe Hockey hands down 2015 Budget

Treasurer Joe Hockey gave his Budget Speech to Parliament last night and for those who missed, it, you can watch what he had to say.


Budget 2015/16 – what to expect

Far different to the ‘budget repair job’ of last year, pension changes, new taxes on multinationals, GST on online sales and company tax cuts for small business are expected.


Joe Hockey – a better retirement

Read about Joe Hockey’s hopes for retirees.

Federal Budget

Rate cut “good news” says Joe

Yesterday’s Reserve Bank cut to the official cash rate, making it an all time low of two per cent, was described by Joe Hockey as “good news”.


Budget blowout on the cards

Independent analysis by Deloitte Access Economics has predicted that the Federal Budget will sink a further $14 billion into deficit in the next financial year.


Dr Karl and the IGR

High profile scientist Dr Karl Kruszelnicki has withdrawn his support for the Abbott Government’s Intergenerational Report, describing it as flawed.

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