Federal Budget

Abbott to ‘pocket your pension’

Federal Labor MPs will use the break from Parliament to lobby against cuts to the Age Pension, campaigning on behalf of pensioners with the slogan: ‘Don’t Pocket Our Pension’.


How will Australia fare over the next 40 years?

After the warning that Australians ‘would fall off their chairs’, IGR4 has now been released. Is it the ‘bombshell’ we were led to believe? Here’s a breakdown of what it says and how it will affect your future.


Older workers key to our future

According Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey, the key to our nation’s economic growth is ensuring older Australians stay in the workforce.

Federal Budget

Your $56 billion budget bill

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has told the Coalition party room that the budget may “never get back to surplus”.

Banking & Investment

Big banks delay rate cuts

Two of Australia’s biggest banks are expected to profit $68 million by not passing on the rate cut to customers until 17 days after the Reserve Bank decision.


Would you like to live to 150?

Joe Hockey has signalled that babies presently being born could live until 150, thanks to the advancements in health care and medical science, but really, is this a future that we want?

Federal Budget

Economy faces gloomy outlook

According to the latest Consumer Pulse Report released by Choice this week, consumer confidence is at a three-year low, with one third of Australians rating the economy as ‘poor’.


Abbott to bill for fund raiser

LNP senator Ian Macdonald slammed Mr Abbott for his tardiness after he turned up an hour late to the regular Liberal and National MP meeting yesterday, suggesting Mr Abbott’s priority should be to the party room meeting.


Are you too poor to drive?

In a statement which at best we hope has been misconstrued, Joe Hockey has declared that indexation of the fuel levy will only affect the rich, because the poor don’t drive.


Budget hits the poorest hardest

The Federal Government has come under fire after Fairfax Media received documents under the freedom-of-information legislation, which show the Abbott government knew its 2014 budgets spending cuts would hit poorer households the hardest.


Thousands protest budget measures

Bust the Budget rallies were held across Australia yesterday.


Multinational tax dodgers targeted

The Federal Government will close loopholes being exploited by multinationals.

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