Public assets on the chopping block

Australia Post, SBS, NDIS and Medibank Private are three public assets we may lose.

Hockey Horror Show

Mr Hockey delivers the Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook

Pensions in firing line?

While newly elected Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been keeping a low profile, Treasurer Joe Hockey called a press conference yesterday to announce two major initiatives. One is the establishment of a Commission of Audit to review government spending and identify possible cuts, led by Chairman of the Business Council of Australia, Mr Tony Shepherd.

Coalition's late election costings

Joe Hockey is expected to release the Coalition’s election costings today

Federal Budget

$12 billion budget hole

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced a $12 billion revenue hole

Australian-owned – or not?

It is time to reflect upon the notion of what this country owns and what it does not.

The age of unlimited entitlement

In a speech delivered from London last night and subsequent TV interview, shadow treasurer Joe Hockey condemned the systems of unlimited entitlement in Western democracies and looked to our Asian neighbours as a more prudent way of handing out social welfare.


Every man for himself

If you took the time to read all of today’s media coverage on Joe Hockey’s speech from London last night, you would have been misled into believing that a Coalition win at the next federal election would mean the death of any and every entitlement. This is simply not true.

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