Can we trust the polls?

Are Neilson and Newspoll giving inaccurate polling results?

The leaderless country*

Yesterday’s wash-up from the great debate and Mr. Abbott’s suppository gaffe seem to confirm we have hit rock bottom in Australian politics.

Kevin’s hard-line asylum policy

Kevin Rudd’s hard-line policy to deal with asylum seekers is both decisive and divisive

Divided polls over new PM

The polls are showing a strong turnaround in the fortunes of the Labor Party

Kevin wants your money

Kevin Rudd sends emails seeking war chest for Election 2013

New/Old PM hits town

Kevin Rudd replaced Julia Gillard as head of the Labor Party last night

Rudd set to return

Gillard should resign – we simply don’t deserve her

Turnbull and Rudd trade Twitter insults

Malcolm Turnbull and Kevin Rudd who came to ‘blows’ over Twitter

Election 2013 leadership challenge

It is now Bill Shorten’s turn to answer questions about a leadership challenge to Prime Minister, Julia Gillard. Interviewed in Darwin, Mr. Shorten, the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations and the Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation, was asked a series of questions on whether the PM’s leadership had become ‘untenable’ and if he had been approached by federal colleagues to run against Ms. Gillard. Mr. Shorten’s replies were brief; “no, no and no”. Except when asked, “Is it time for Julia Gillard to consider the best interests of the party and step aside and have someone new?”

Rudd v Turnbull

On ABC TV’s panel program Q&A on Monday night, former Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and former Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull strutted their stuff. During the one-hour television show they both answered wide-ranging questions on the economy, the revision of GST, climate change, productivity, industrial relations and education. They didn’t just answer these questions – they answered them well, displaying a formidable depth of knowledge and ability to present complex information in brief, comprehensible responses. The audience clearly enjoyed this power duo’s song and dance routine, which called forth a final question from Mr. Saeed Fassaie, quoted here in full: