Tax cut slashed from budget

The Federal Government will defer indefinitely $1.4 billion in tax cuts

NBN advertising a waste

By June 2013, over $52 million will have been spent advertising the NBN

$4.6 billion NBN blowout

The Federal Government owned NBN Co yesterday announced that the National Broadband Network (NBN) project will cost an additional $4.6 billion to build and operate than expected.

Carbon price not right

When the multi-party climate committee of Labor, the Greens and independent MPs agreed on a starting price of $23 per tonne of carbon dioxide (10 July 2011), this price was in-part based on the European price at the time of around $20 per tonne.

The big gamble

The multi-party climate committee’s decision to place a starting price of $23 per tonne on carbon dioxide is nothing short of gutsy. While the Greens and independent MPs may be held marginally responsible at the next election, the Australian Labor Party (ALP) will be the one feeling the wrath of the Australian voter.

Resolution required

The current Labor Party leadership wrangle (link to news piece) has gone too far and must be resolved sooner rather than later. Not only is it distracting them from doing their job (i.e. leading our country), it is doing damage to the party’s reputation and its chances in the next election.

Scrapper Abbott

Ever since losing the election, Tony Abbott has been taking a stand against the majority of reforms put forward by the Federal Government. Mr Abbott has promised to scrap many of the reforms if he gets into power and has now set his sights on the Heath Rebate Means Test.

Health rebate means test passes lower house

The health rebate means test legislation passed through the lower house yesterday with a 71-70 vote. This has paved way for an easy transition through the Senate.

The pain of paying

Derryn Hinch has started the year true to form by taking a swipe at the Government for prioritising multi-million dollar projects over the needs of ‘oldies’.

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