Lost words from our childhood

Do you remember words such as murgatroyd and okidoki that were popular when many baby boomers were growing up? Let’s head down memory lane.


Casualties of gender equality

Columnist Peter Leith is all for gender equality but this change in our language leaves him a little sad.


How COVID is ‘enriching’ our language

We’ve created new words, turned nouns into verbs and even rediscovered rhyming slang, Here’s how the coronavirus is ‘enriching’ our language.


Save our strine

Columnist Peter Leith is on a mission – to save a vanishing part of quintessential Australia.


Best way to learn a language for free

If you’ve always dreamed of speaking another language, you’re not alone. Luckily, these free resources are here to make your dream a reality.


Slang dictionary for travellers

No more miscommunications or outdated formalities. This new tool helps travellers speak like the locals.


Why I adore rhyming slang

Its origins may be questionable, but I’ll always have a soft spot for Australian rhyming slang. What could possibly be more poetic than referring to a heart as a ‘jam tart’, or a lie as a ‘porky pie’?


Funny lost-in-translation phrases

Just because you can speak another language doesn’t mean you know what they are talking about.


Don’t say these words aloud abroad

You may not like the reaction you’ll receive if you ask for a cookie in Hungary or a kiss in Sweden. Here are other English words that you shouldn’t say aloud when you’re overseas.


Learn a language online for free

Are you heading overseas for a long holiday or have you simply always wanted to learn a second language? Leon has found the five best free websites for learning a language.


Do you know what ‘OK’ means?

You say it every day without even thinking. It’s the most commonly spoken word on the planet. But do you know from where the word OK originated?


Are you a ‘goody two shoes’?

The term ‘goody two shoes’ is now used in judgement of someone who is moral to the point of being obnoxious. But today we discover its more positive origins.

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