The benefits of turning off your device

Every device, whether smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computer, has a limited lifespan. You may be shortening the lifespan of your devices without even knowing it.


Three new computers you can own for under $500

You might be surprised at just how much performance you can get for under $500 in a computer today. These three computers will have you gliding through tasks without breaking the bank.

Computer Tutorials

When technology gets wet

It can be as exotic as a wave lapping gently over your smartphone, or as embarrassing as spilling coffee all over your laptop, but no matter how it happens, getting your technology wet can be disastrous. So what can you do to save your phone or laptop’s life?


The easy way to link your laptop or tablet to your television

There are many different ways to link your tablet to your TV. We show you how to do it with cables and without.

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Should you replace your laptop with a tablet?

Tablets have been extremely popular because of their portability and convenience. But for all the hype, are tablets really a better option than the traditional laptop?

Technology News

Easing of flight restrictions

Turning off your mobile device, iPod or Kindle before take-off and on landing will soon be a thing of the past.

eReaders & eBooks

Tablets to overtake laptops and PCs

Tablets are taking over the computing world

Vacationing with technology

More people are using technology on holiday than ever before

Mr iPhone’s Holiday

More people are using the internet to plan holidays than for work

Age Pension

Brand new computers from $15 per week

Get a brand new computer from just $15 per week and you’ll own it after just one year. It’s quick, easy and you can even have payments deducted directly from your Age Pension.


Technology on the go

Life on the road can be hard, but when you have access to the internet to keep in touch with family and friends, it makes the trip all the more enjoyable. Drew explains how to keep in touch on the road.


Travel Q&A - Mobile Internet

I want to be able to check my emails and research tourist destinations on my laptop but I'm wondering if I will get internet in remote areas?

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