Friday Funnies: The importance of ‘adequate’ passwords

In this week’s Friday Funnies you too will roll on the floor laughing at this funny couple as they discover the importance of having an ‘adequate’ password.


Friday Funnies: It’s all about the balance

After the archangel’s search for God, Michael found Him resting and only too happy to tell the winged warrior what he’d been up to during the week. You’ll laugh when you find out …


Church bulletins to make you chuckle

These sentences actually appeared in church bulletins or were announced in church services. Thank God for church ladies with typewriters.


Friday Funnies: Heaven is a place on earth, but where?

You’ll laugh when you discover that Heaven is a place on earth – but where exactly? And a shifty lawyer finds out that nothing gets by the guardian of the pearly gates.


How the angel got stuck on the tree

Being Santa may not be all fun and games, but imagine what it’s like to be the angel on top of the tree? You’ll ‘crack up’ at the story of how tree topper originated in this week’s Friday Funnies.


When a woman loves a man

This week have a giggle at what happens when a loving wife tells her husband just how much she loves him. How does he respond? Probably not in the way you would think.

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