Cruising Tips

Which laws apply on a cruise ship in international waters?

Cruise ships are a place for relaxation, but what happens when things go awry, and who is in charge of enforcing the law?

Legal & General

Do you really need a will to make sure your wishes are fulfilled?

Amy has jewellery she’d like to leave to her family, but she’s not too keen on making a will. So she’s asked YourLifeChoices’ estate planning expert Rod Cunich if she can bypass the red tape and still be assured of fulfilling her wishes.

Legal & General

Rod Cunich’s Inbox: How do you complete a health-care directive?

Jim doesn’t want to be hooked up to machines should he ever have an accident or fall terminally ill. Estate planning expert Rod Cunich explains what he needs to do.

Legal & General

How to get out of a parking fine

Most drivers have copped a parking fine at one time or another. Most of the time, you’ll just pay it and move on. But many parking fines are waived if you make a strong case.

Estate planning & wills

Making these top five estate planning mistakes could be costly

These top five estate-planning mistakes earn that ‘honour’ because they are not only the most common mistakes, they also have some of the most devastating consequences.

Legal & General

Is being a guarantor really something you should consider

Legal expert Rod Cunich outlines the pros and cons of being a guarantor – just how much could you be signing away?


Court finds man guilty of ‘liking’ Facebook posts

A landmark ruling has seen a Facebook user convicted of defamation for 'liking' a post that accused another man of anti-Semitism and racism.

Legal & General

Parents won’t have an enduring power of attorney

As Jane’s parents age, she thinks it’s a good idea for them to have an enduring power of attorney in place, but they won’t hear of it. Rod Cunich advises Jane on how to tackle the discussion.


Sam Armytage has had enough

Sam Armytage – it seems she can't leave the house or talk to the postman without outrageous stories being printed about her new love interest.

Legal & General

Three tips to help you choose a financial planner

Choosing the right person to be responsible for your financial plans is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. These three tips may make the decision a little easier.

Legal & General

Surviving a separation

A relationship break-up can be messy – you need to act quickly to protect your finances and sanity. These 10 steps may give you the best chance of minimising the pain.

Estate planning & wills

The must-ask estate planning questions…do you know the answers?

How well have you planned the management of your personal, family and financial affairs between now and your retirement, during your retirement years and upon your passing? Ask yourself the following questions and see if you have any gaps in your knowledge or your plans.

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