Policy change could see insurance premiums drop

New legislation designed to stop financial advisers pocketing large commissions from life insurance policies could help consumers save money – but you’ll have to wait to see any benefits.


Superannuation: which changes will be introduced

Despite Bill Shorten’s call for tougher super tax measures to raise more revenue, the much-discussed super changes will be introduced in to Parliament today.

Claiming your pension overseas

Changes to pensions paid overseas likely to fail

Nick Xenophon has stated that he will join Labor and the Greens in opposing the proposed changes to the Age Pension for those who travel overseas.


Are we missing the real purpose of superannuation?

It seems that the financial services industry is in furious agreement that the purpose of superannuation needs to be enshrined in law, but does the current proposal go far enough?


Senate passes new legislation to fight excessive transaction fees

The Senate has passed a bill that will give the ACCC the power to fine companies that charge consumers excessive surcharges on transactions.


Claiming lost super to be simpler

New legislation should make it easier to claim lost superannuation, the total of which is estimated to be $20 billion – that’s a lot of money to go unclaimed.


Victoria's smoking ban

Most Victorians have welcomed legislation that will take effect from August 2017, and which will see smoking banned at all outdoor dining areas.


PBS medicine prices to be slashed

Health Minister Sussan Ley is expected to introduce legislation today that will see customers pay up to 50 per cent less for many common medicines on the PBS.

Age Pension

Your retirement and the Age Pension March 2015

Each quarter, YourLifeChoices updates the relevant income and asset thresholds, pension payment rates and changes to legislation which may affect your Age Pension eligibility. This information is then published in Your retirement and the Age Pension, an electronic magazine which is available to our members to download free of charge. n

Federal Budget

Company tax breaks to continue

One line in the Mid Year Economic Financial Outlook (MYEFO) has let multinational companies off the hook from paying the correct tax in Australia.


$7 co-payment hits stalemate

The legislation to pass the $7 GP co-payment appears to be on hold, with no discussions taking place to progress the bill through the Senate.


Aussie same-sex couples can wed

Same-sex couples where one partner has British citizenship can marry.

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